proland::DrawTweakBarTask Class Reference

An ork::AbstractTask to display tweak bars. More...

#include <DrawTweakBarTask.h>

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class  Impl
 A Task to display the tweak bar. More...

Public Member Functions

 DrawTweakBarTask ()
 Creates a new DrawTweakBarTask.
virtual ~DrawTweakBarTask ()
 Deletes this DrawTweakBarTask.

Detailed Description

An ork::AbstractTask to display tweak bars.

Eric Bruneton, Antoine Begault

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

proland::DrawTweakBarTask::DrawTweakBarTask (  ) 

Creates a new DrawTweakBarTask.

virtual proland::DrawTweakBarTask::~DrawTweakBarTask (  )  [virtual]

Deletes this DrawTweakBarTask.

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