proland::LazyArea Member List

This is the complete list of members for proland::LazyArea, including all inherited members.
addCurve(CurveId id, int orientation)proland::LazyArea [virtual]
Area(Graph *owner)proland::Area
clip(vector< CurvePart * > &cpaths, const box2d &clip, vector< CurvePart * > &result)proland::Area [static]
curveIdsproland::LazyArea [private]
doRelease()proland::LazyArea [protected, virtual]
equals(set< CurveId > curveList)proland::Area
equals(Area *a, set< CurveId > &visitedCurves, set< NodeId > &visitedNodes)proland::Area
getBounds() const proland::Area
getCurve(int i) const proland::LazyArea [virtual]
getCurve(int i, int &orientation) const proland::LazyArea [virtual]
getCurveCount() const proland::LazyArea [virtual]
getId() const proland::LazyArea [virtual]
getInfo() const proland::Area
getParent() const proland::LazyArea [virtual]
getParentId() const proland::Area [virtual]
getRectanglePosition(const box2d &r) const proland::Area
getSubgraph() const proland::Area
getTrianglePosition(const vec2d *t) const proland::Area
invertCurve(CurveId cid)proland::LazyArea [virtual]
isDirect() const proland::Area
isDirect(const vector< Vertex > &points, int start, int end)proland::Area [static]
isInside(const vec2d &p) const proland::Area
LazyArea(Graph *owner, AreaId id)proland::LazyArea
loadCurve(CurveId id, int orientation)proland::LazyArea [private]
parentIdproland::LazyArea [private]
print() const proland::Area
removeCurve(int index)proland::LazyArea [private, virtual]
setInfo(int info)proland::Area
setOrientation(int i, int orientation)proland::LazyArea [virtual]
setParent(AreaPtr a)proland::Area [virtual]
setParentId(AreaId id)proland::LazyArea [private, virtual]
setSubgraph(Graph *g)proland::Area [virtual]
switchCurves(int curve1, int curve2)proland::LazyArea [private, virtual]
~Area()proland::Area [virtual]
~LazyArea()proland::LazyArea [virtual]

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