Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
proland::AreaAn Area is described by 1 or more curves
proland::AreaIdThe identifier of an Area
proland::BasicCurvePartA part of a curve
proland::BasicGraphA BasicGraph contains a list of nodes, curves and areas, which can also contain graphs
proland::BasicGraph::BasicGraphIterator< T, U >BasicGraph implementation for the abstract class GraphIterator
proland::MaskOrthoLayer::BlendParamsStructure used to pass blend arguments to the framebuffer
proland::Graph::ChangesA set of changes that occured to a Graph
proland::Graph::CmpLess method for mapping ordering
proland::ComposedMarginA Margin is used to determine what to clip in a graph
proland::CurveA Curve is made of 2 nodes (start and end points) and a set of vertices
proland::CurveDataContains data about a Curve
proland::CurveDataFactoryCurveData Factory
proland::CurveIdThe identifier of a Curve
proland::CurvePartA part of a curve
proland::ElevationCurveDataA CurveData that contains the elevation profile of a curve
proland::ElevationGraphLayerAn abstract GraphLayer to modify the elevations of an ElevationProducer, by drawing a Graph
proland::ElevationMarginA Margin to clip a Graph for an ElevationGraphLayer
proland::FieldsOrthoLayerAn OrthoGPUProducer layer to draw fields
proland::FileReaderFileReader handles file inputs for graph loading
proland::FileWriterFileWriter handles file outputs for graph saving
proland::ForestOrthoLayerAn OrthoGPUProducer layer to draw forests
proland::GetCurveDatasTask< OWNER >GetCurveDatasTask is used for Layers that need "random" Tiles produced from an other Producer
proland::GraphA Graph contains vectorial data representing areas, roads, rivers
proland::LazyGraph::GraphCache< T >Templated cache used to store unused graph items (nodes, curves, areas
proland::GraphProducer::GraphCacheCache that manages the precomputed Graphs (including root Graph)
proland::GraphProducer::GraphFactoryCreates Graph objects
proland::GraphIdThe identifier of a Graph
proland::Graph::GraphIterator< T >An abstract iterator to iterate over the elements of a Graph
proland::GraphLayerAn abstract Layer sub class for layers using graphs
proland::GraphListenerAbstract class used to monitor changes on a graph
proland::GraphProducerProduces the required graphs at a given tile and at a given level
proland::LazyAreaAn Area is described by 1 or more curves
proland::LazyCurveA Curve is made of 2 nodes (start and end points) and a set of controlPoints
proland::LazyGraphA Graph that will only load the offsets of each elements (node/curve/area) in the input file
proland::GraphProducer::LazyGraphFactoryA GraphFactory that creates LazyGraph
proland::LazyGraph::LazyGraphIterator< T, U >LazyGraph implementation for the abstract class GraphIterator
proland::LazyNodeA Node is described by it's XY coordinates
proland::LineCurvePartA part of a curve
proland::LineOrthoLayerA GraphLayer that displays curves with lines of one pixel width
proland::MarginDetermines how a clip region must be extended to clip a Graph, depending on its content
proland::MaskOrthoLayerAn OrthoGPUProducer layer to draw a Graph as a mask
proland::NodeA Node is described by it's XY coordinates
proland::NodeIdThe identifier of a Node
proland::OrthoMarginA Margin to clip a Graph for an OrthoGPUProducer layer
proland::RoadElevationLayer::RoadElevationCurveDataAn ElevationCurveData for road elevation profiles
proland::RoadElevationLayerAn ElevationGraphLayer for road graphs
proland::RoadElevationLayer::RoadElevationMarginAn ElevationMargin for roads
proland::RoadOrthoLayerAn OrthoGPUProducer layer to draw roads
proland::TesselatorA tesselator to triangulate arbitrary 2D surfaces defined by a set of contours
proland::VertexRepresents a vertex inside a curve
proland::WaterElevationLayer::WaterElevationCurveDataAn ElevationCurveData for river elevation profiles
proland::WaterElevationLayerAn ElevationGraphLayer for rivers and lakes graphs
proland::WaterElevationLayer::WaterElevationMarginAn ElevationMargin for rivers and lakes
proland::WaterOrthoLayerAn OrthoGPUProducer layer to draw static rivers and lakes

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