proland::RoadElevationLayer::RoadElevationMargin Class Reference

An ElevationMargin for roads. More...

#include <RoadElevationLayer.h>

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proland::ElevationMargin proland::Margin

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Public Member Functions

 RoadElevationMargin (int samplesPerTile, float borderFactor)
 Creates a new RoadElevationMargin.
 ~RoadElevationMargin ()
 Deletes this RoadElevationMargin.
virtual double getMargin (double clipSize, CurvePtr p)
 Returns the margin for the given curve.

Detailed Description

An ElevationMargin for roads.

This margin takes into account the total footprint width of roads, larger than their real widths (see ElevationGraphLayer::drawCurveAltitude).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

proland::RoadElevationLayer::RoadElevationMargin::RoadElevationMargin ( int  samplesPerTile,
float  borderFactor 

Creates a new RoadElevationMargin.

samplesPerTile number of pixels per elevation tile (without borders).
borderFactor size of the border in percentage of tile size.
proland::RoadElevationLayer::RoadElevationMargin::~RoadElevationMargin (  ) 

Deletes this RoadElevationMargin.

Member Function Documentation

virtual double proland::RoadElevationLayer::RoadElevationMargin::getMargin ( double  clipSize,
CurvePtr  p 
) [virtual]

Returns the margin for the given curve.

This margin will be added to the clip region in order to clip this curve.

clipSize size of the clip region (width or height).
p a curve.

Implements proland::Margin.

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